70’s Stars———Where Are They Now?


The 1970s were a much different time not only in the United States, but around the world. Gas prices were surging, the country was in the midsts of one of the most controversial wars in its history (that was later changed to a “conflict” so as not to spoil our perfect record), the biggest movie in the world was “Star Wars” by George Lucas and…

Right, so we guess the 1970s really weren’t that different after all, when you really stop to think about it. Many of the famous faces in the entertainment industry HAVE changed, however, which begs the question – just where are the stars of the 1970s now, anyway? Some of them have never really disappeared at all while some seem to have vanished off the face of the Earth. When you find out what certain people have been up to for all these years, the answers may just surprise you.


 1. Al Pacino

SOURCE: Moviepilot.com

Al Pacino has starred in many hit roles in recent years, including on the HBO TV movie “You Don’t Know Jack.” He can currently be seen in Broadway on a play written by the acclaimed David Mammet, but if you’re interested in that you’d better hurry – absolutely no one likes it.

2. Bo Derek

SOURCE: CBS News/Washington Times

If you made a list of all the sex symbols of the 1970s, Bo Derek’s name would be right at the top. Best known for her role in “10,” she had the type of career that legends are made out of. These days she doesn’t act as much as she used to but spends her time as an advocate for both horses and wounded veterans (though probably not at the same time).