Safety Cone Wasn’t Safe!

safety cone
safety cone
A safety cone is placed there for your safety! It be a bad road, wet floor or whatever. Someone placed it there to keep YOU safe.

DO NOT EAT  A Safety Cone!

Doctors thought a 47-year-old postman in Preston, Lancashire, England, who complained of a persistent cough might have cancer. Because, as he was a long-term smoker whose X-rays showed a spot on his lung.

Consequently,  when they removed the mass, the BBC reported, they found the “long-lost Playmobil traffic cone”. He had received this as a gift on his seventh birthday.
Hence, he told doctors he had regularly swallowed the small pieces as a child and believed he had inhaled the tiny cone.
Happy ending: After the toy was removed, the man’s cough almost disappeared and his other symptoms improved.

UPDATE: Safety Cone

Even more, four months after the removal of the tiny traffic cone, cough had almost gone and his symptoms had improved markedly!