See The Creepy ‘Human Flesh’ Leather Jacket That Is Being Sold


It seems that in recent years, fashion trends have gotten crazier and crazier. Whether it be Lady Gaga’s meat dress or Miley Cyrus’ barely-there booty shorts, it’s impossible to predict what the next fad will be. This jacket, however, might be a bit too cutting edge for even the wildest of wearers…

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Rebel’s Market

Now, to be fair, it’s not as though this jolting jacket is the first of its kind. Incorporating macabre themes into fashion has been a common theme of the underground scene decades. Whether it be black clothes or ghostly makeup, “goths” have lots of practice making horror high-fashion. That said, never before have they taken it this far…

Frightful Fashionistas

Butterfly FX Studios

Not just any person with a sewing machine could concoct a creation quite like this hyper-realistic “human skin” leather jacket. It takes a talented craftsman with an eye for the horrific; or in this case, two of them. Kayla Arena and Toby Barron are a fashion design duo unlike any you have ever seen, and their latest creation just proves it further. Looks a little too real, right? Well, there might be something to that …

Breaking Into The Biz

Butterfly FX Studios

The Brisbane-based duo aren’t solely fashion designers, however; they have extended their gothic gifts to include special effects horror props for films, ads, photoshoots, and sometimes just their own entertainment. Their work is often patterned after real-life monsters: notoriously brutal murderers. You won’t believe what famous serial killer they credited for inspired their “human skin” jacket…



Making A Killing

Butterfly FX Studios

Recently, Arena and Barron have shifted their focus towards creating a line of clothes, accessories, and home decor inspired by specific serial killers throughout history. The collection has understandably stirred up a large amount of controversy online, with some praising the craftsmanship and attention to detail while others simply can’t look past the fear factor exuded by the gory pieces….

The Face Of Fear

Butterfly FX Studios

One piece from their new collection is particularly eye-catching: the “Ed Gein” jacket. This is the name they have assigned to the eerie-looking faux-human skin jacket, made up of leather designed to look like the skinned faces of victims. The name was inspired by Ed Gein, a serial killer who was caught when his human skin suits were found.

All The Gory Details

Butterfly FX Studios

Worry not — unlike Ed Gein, your “human skin” jacket (should you be bold enough to purchase one), is not actually made up of such illicit materials. Believe it or not, the painfully realistic look was created by Arena and Barron through carefully shaping, carving, painting, and stitching together good ol’ cattle leather. However, leather isn’t the only thing they used…

Material Girl

Butterfly FX Studios

Does it seem a bit suspicious to you that such a real-looking thing could be made solely of leather? If so, your instincts would be correct! Arena and Barron do in fact incorporate other materials into these unique jackets, including silicone and latex. These materials provide the texture and shape that makes everything from the nostrils to the wrinkles look real. Maybe too real, according to police …

My Bloody Valentine

Butterfly FX Studios

While not everyone has a taste for the macabre in their fashion, if you are so inclined, you’re in luck. Thanks to Arena and Barron’s hard work, they have a product seemingly for every man, woman, child, and undead individual on planet earth. The Ed Gein-inspired collection alone comes in the form of hats, boots, and even some lingerie. How… romantic?

Wreck The Halls

Butterfly FX Studios

It seems as though the creative pair balances out the narrow appeal of their products by providing every item under the sun, gore-ified. These aren’t solely intended to be worn; you can also purchase a human skin chair for your living room, or even a serial killer-esque case for your phone. It might be a bit tricky now, however…

The Fashion Police

Butterfly FX Studios

Mysteriously enough, the store’s Etsy profile seems to have disappeared virtually overnight. Considering the history of some black market retailers selling actual human skin products online, this could likely be because their creations look a bit too realistic to the police. Their items, however, are still available on their brand’s own site. That is, at least, for now…